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Greystone Mansion Living Room

The architecture of this room, Living Room, has a striking blend of carved Elizabethan and classical motifs.  The mixture of styles here speaks volumes about the Doheny family’s eclectic tastes.  To accomplish the directive of creating a space that the family would enjoy, if they still lived here today, I looked for an approach that I thought would bridge these diverse influences of the past with an aesthetic of today.  Hollywood Regency, a mid-century style that embraces classical forms with theatrical embellished details, ash seen a resurgence in interior design making it easy to visualize as a theme the present day Doheny’s would embrace.  Traditional Hollywood Regency is restrained to black and white, yet the gold and orange cast of the room’s woodwork, spurred me to flavor up the design with less traditional colors.  By blending eggplant, deep red, and persimmon orange, an analogous color scheme is achieved.  It adds a complexity and vibrancy to the room.

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