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Esquire Networks Rebrand and Pantry

Through the enlightened guidance of the Esquire graphics team, the initial vision had been influenced “ala” Ace Hotel and other not quite steam punk or industrial Whimsy influences.  However, the true genius of the look and feel of the brand came actually from the very need for the network to exist.  It had been determined that a hole in high and masculine style existed within TV networks and cable.  The unique approach to car out this niche was very instrumental in selecting the elements of the design.

At the heart of the Company interior branding was the pantry. Born partly out of necessity to enlarge the current pantry, and the desire for an “opening up” of the space. The opportunity presented itself for the new networks interior branding opportunity.

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E! Entertainment Rebrand and Executive Lounge

E! Entertainment’s headquarter offices had, for a long time, enjoyed a multicolored and whimsical brand from the 90’s.  So when it came time to re think the environment to exude their newly created on-air marketing image “Black and white with a pop of culture” was a carefully planned, boldly executed, complete flavor change.  Extensive work had gone into the development of the on-air brand, followed by deliberations on the best way to communicate a two dimensional print and online vision into a three dimensional work space. Collaborative effort with the in house graphic design team went into every elevation and design with specific intent behind each shade. In tandem with the re-brand and redesign of the E! headquarters spaces, was an effort to include the new trend of open, collaborative work spaces. Since the occupants were now bursting at the seams, the last decade had brought a “tightening” of corridor areas and conversion of coffee rooms into offices and edit bays.  In addition to the growing demands on conference room space, many rooms had developed into multipurpose shoot spaces. The result was making it more and more difficult for teams to schedule spaces for their, at times last minute, creative planning needs.  This unsatisfied requirement in concern with the desire to have granted areas of interest for functional reasons as well as to revisit the fun and playful yet productive way of working this company has always enjoyed.

For E! Entertainment, one of the many reasons for the success of the collaborative work space was the joining of production and corporate activities. Even for those working in corporate departments, you knew that you were part of an entertainment company because the interiors did not silo departments in two separate suites.  This came as a huge advantage when the corporate culture turned to embrace the open, collaborative trend.

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There is purpose and experience supporting this expansive list of services, all of which lead to successful execution. Changing interiors presents an unparalleled opportunity to create support for the space’s function and purpose. Great interior design includes the whole process of analyzing what could be and then should be the inspired use of a space, which comes together only when client and designer can jointly examine the real reason for the project.


Project Collaboration

General Contractors, Architects, Project Managers, and many other professional service providers in the built environment comprise a complete team. When we are the first point of contact for project conception, we will provide the referrals and advice to have a cohesive team suited to the project in mind.

Conception to Installation

Providing the vision to solve your interior transformation is the primary reason we are called first. If a comprehensive turn key requirement calls for diverse services, our experience on all phases of a project will be valuable in a successful installation.

Design Consultation

Already have some of your team in place, or doing the paperwork for procurement yourself? We are happy to assist with fast and effective brainstorming, resource sharing, and best practices tips to get your project underway.



Purchasing, Procurement, Installation

We can facilitate the procurement and purchasing of a wide array of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

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Space Planning

Space Planning is the process of organizing furniture and office functions to work cohesive together while using space effectively.

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Tenant Improvement

Interiors of older facilities may need reorganization to accommodate new equipment or new work processes.

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Kitchen & Bath Design

Due to the concentration of details, fixtures, and finishes in these spaces, special attention is given to Kitchen and Bath designs to ensure they have been strategically planned.

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Corporate Branding and Visioning

To define and allow a company to distinguish itself from others. As designers, we are carefully detailing, proportioning and styling interiors to make a lasting impression.

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Blocking/ Stacking/ Test Fits

All are used while analyzing the space demands and best layout of multi floor buildings. Test fit plans enable us to evaluate how suitable a particular space is based on your specific programming requirements.

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Relocation Services / Occupancy Studies

If you are moving to a new space, we can advise what furniture to use, how to relocate, and how you would best fit into your future space.

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Workflow and Process Analysis

While conducting space planning, it can be insightful to also review workflow analysis and group process as it is impacted by the space we design.

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Concept Renderings

Renderings are another design tool that serves clients by illustrating ideas into renderings. They may show overall or detailed designs.

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